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Hajer Azaiez

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Assistant Professor

As an academic scientist, I have two passions: research and teaching. My research focuses on Hydrogeophysics and subsurface Geology. Using an integrated geophysical approach in different scales and for variable applications, I investigate deep groundwater as well as near surface and environmental issues. My interests include seismic, gravity, and aeromagnetic investigations of sedimentary basins as well as integrated Geoelectrical techniques (DC Resistivity, Electrical Resistivity Tomography & Time domain Electromagnetic) to interrogate geothermal plumes, karst systems, and complex alluvial aquifers. I am also utilizing near surface geophysics applications (microgravity, seismic refraction, MASW) to elucidate the subsurface and the critical zone structure. I am an Assistant Professor of Geoscience at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis- University Tunis El Manar and the University of Sfax, Tunisia. I have designed a curriculum focusing on classical and advanced Geophysical methods and their applications. I also supervise and mentor field geophysical prospection sessions for Master’s degree students at both the University of Sfax and University Tunis El Manar.