Structural geology and tectonics

The structural geology researchers in LGr laboratory use multidisciplinary analysis methods, physical and computer modeling to understand orogenic-building processes and their foreland basins, and revise stereotypical models of paleotectonic reconstructions. The vertical and horizontal tectonic movements during different compressive events, explain different tectonic styles of shallow- and deep-seated deformations. Quantitative data (field geological, structural, and subsurface data) is used to build a long or short balanced and sequentially restored cross-sections.

Our expertise in Structural Geology, Seismic Interpretation, Tectonics Modeling, Restored Deformation, Geo-Mechanical and Kinematic Restoration of Salt Tectonics, allowed us to develop new ways to examine and understand the petroleum and aquifer systems.

The following areas are covered by some key ongoing projects in the laboratory; 1) Tectono-sedimentary evolution of southern Tethyan margin in North Africa; 2) Salt tectonics modelling; and, 3) Dynamic subsurface processes.

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