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Fethi Lachaal

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Assistant Professor

Fethi Lachaal is a CERTE researcher-assistant professor (PhD). He holds a PhD in Hydrogeology and Geophysics, from Carthage University in the framework of cooperation between INAT, CERTE, and IRD. He is a permanent member in the Geo-resources Laboratory (CERTE) form 2002 and in the LMI-NAILA from 2016. He has led several projects sponsored by PRIMA program; ERANET program; IRD; Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Minister of Agriculture of Tunisia. He interests lie in aquifer investigation, hydro-geophysics, hydrodynamic, groundwater modelling, seawater intrusion, and aquifer refilling. He has more than 18 years of experience in field experiments and research developments designed for groundwater characterization and sustainable management in arid and semi-arid. He has published more than 20 papers in peer referred journals and his h-index is 7. Her research interests include hydrology, rainfall-runoff modeling in water-scarce regions, and the impacts of climate change and rainfall variability on water resources (particularly in semi-arid areas).