T1- Global Change and Groundwater

Chair: Dr. Sihem Benabdallah (LGR-CERTE/TCH-AED)

This topic welcomes contributions that focus on the impacts of global change on groundwater resources including surface waters and groundwater interactions, climate change impact on groundwater, groundwater system modelling under uncertainty, population growth, urbanization and land use changes impact on groundwater, groundwater over-exploitation and marine intrusion, agricultural practices and associated impacts on groundwater, and groundwater management and adaptative measures.

T2- Groundwater Quality and Pollution

Chair: Dr. Ammar Mlayah (LGR-CERTE)

This topic emphasizes the need to protect, manage, repair and sustain groundwater quality in growing urbanized and rural environments. Participants can expect to have a socially and technically stimulating experience that brings scientists, practitioners and decision makers up-to-date on the latest issues related to groundwater quality, including new approaches for measuring, modelling, and managing water quality, and groundwater pollution assessment.

T3- Groundwater Exploration & Monitoring

Chair: Dr. Hakim Gabtni (LGR-CERTE/TCH-AED)

New challenges in freshwater resources exploration and deep brackish/geothermal Groundwater require advanced approaches such as geophysical investigations, satellite imagery analysis, GIS methods, isotopic study, hydrogeological exploration, monitoring observations, Modeling, etc. This Topic gives the possibility to discuss and disseminate recent research and latest advances in the Groundwater Exploration and Monitoring field.

T4- Groundwater Modelling & Risk Management

Chair: Dr. Faten Jarraya Horriche (LGR-CERTE/TCH-AED)

The session welcomes contributions related to challenges, developments and applications of modelling tools in groundwater including hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical modelling, stochastic modelling, surface and subsurface water flows modelling, solute transport modelling and interactions, groundwater modeling in porous and karstic medias, vulnerability and risk assessment, and decisional support system.

NEW !! Special Session in T4: Regional Groundwater Flow Systems

Chair: Prof. Jose Joel Carrillo Rivera (UNAM, Univ. México & RGFC-IAH)

The session anticipates to analyse issues connectes to groundwtare management and related environmental protection defining physiscal and chemical degradation in the context of groundwater flow system functioning. Contributions related to alternative methods of defining groundwater flow components and their application in establishing, regulating and mitigating negative environmental impacts to and from groundwater are also encouraged to be submitted.

Key Dates

15 Sep. 2018

Abstract submission online opened

5 Jan. 2019

Abstract submission deadline

15 Jan. 2019

Notification of acceptance

31 Jan. 2019

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