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Groundwater monitoring for assessing artificial recharge in the Mediterranean coastal aquifer of Korba (Northeastern Tunisia)

Groundwater (GW) artificial recharge with treated wastewater (TWW) is seen as a promising technical solution to overcome groundwater overexploitation and seawater intrusion and to ascertain future water resources availability. While these introduced recharge systems have shown positive impacts in many areas across the world, their effective contribution to GW recharge...

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Groundwater vulnerability mapping using the Susceptibility Index (SI) method: Case study of Takelsa aquifer, Northeastern Tunisia

The Takelsa phreatic aquifer currently shows stress signs and the contamination risk of groundwater by different chemical elements and pesticides is a likely concern. Here we assessed the aquifer vulnerability using the Sus­ ceptibility Index (SI) method, considered as a specific vulnerability method that takes into consideration the impact of...

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