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Our Vision

To be one of the geological society supporting the geoscientists community in scientific research, communication, and application of geoscience knowledge.

Our Mission

Strengthening and expanding relations between Researchers and all  ATGr members in applied and academic geosciences. Coordinates the Society’s effort to facilitate mere efficient cooperation between academia, industry, and government geoscientists.

Tunisian Georesources Association (ATGr) created in 2018 by the teacher-researchers of the Georessources Laboratory, Water Research and Technology Center. It is an independent, non-political, non-profit association, according to the Constituion expressed by its founding members. ATGr is formed for the general scientific interest.

ATGr was established to provide a continuing forum for the exchange of ideas, experience and information among all persons concerned with the role of the geosciences in economic development.

 The objectives of ATGr are as follows:

  1. Fostering interdisciplinary geoscientific research among researchers internationally, through joint research work, meetings and workshops.
  2. Contributing in a better understanding of Tunisian geology and resource potential.
  3. Application of geomatics and geosciences to global issues. 
  4. Contributing to the promotion and preservation of geological sites and their classification within the UNESCO World Heritage List (and the UNESCO Geoparks).
  5. Contributing to the recognition of the geologist’s profession, by representing the profession in public authorities and international organizations.

Officers: October 2018 – September 2021

The association is currently governed the funding council members.

  • Dr. Hayet CHIHI, President
  • Dr. Hajer AZAIEZ, Vice-President
  • Dr.  Mohamed GHARBI, Vice-President
  • Dr. Mohamed DHAOUI, General Secretary
  • Dr. Haykel SELLAMI, Treasurer


Bechir MOUSSI: Assistant Professor, LGR/ CERTE and Administrative/Relation assistant

Student Advisory Council:

Mohamed Amin Hammami, PhD Student, LGR/CERTE_FST

As an ATGr member you’ll be part of a global community encompassing all professional backgrounds in the geosciences sector.

Whatever stage in your career and wherever you work in Tunisia (or the world!), ATGr can help you build connections and go further. Join today to progress your career, grow your international network, and broaden your knowledge and experience to help shape the future of the geosciences field.

To be part of the association, you must be approved by the board, which decides, at each of its meetings, on the applications for admission presented.

* Fees

Active members are those who have made a commitment to pay an annual subscription, set at:

– Active and associate members: 30 DT

– Student and doctoral members: 20 DT

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